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Providing Hampshire And West Sussex

Sustainable Energy Solutions

To Heat Your Home And Water


Rawlings Renewables are excited to be part of the growing movement towards sustainable energy, and we look forward to helping you make the switch to a cleaner, greener future. Our parent company Rawlings Fuels have been keeping homes warm for over 30 years and as a family-run business, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We understand that while fossil fuels will remain a necessary energy source for some time, many customers are eager to switch to cleaner, greener alternatives. That's why we've launched Rawlings Renewables, a new division dedicated to helping customers reduce their carbon footprint through air and ground source heat pumps, biofuels, and solar panels.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air and distribute it efficiently through your heating and hot water systems, even in winter.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump is a super efficient heating system, delivering year round heat to your property from pipes laid into your garden.

Radiator Upgrades

We provide all the necessary upgrades to your current system to give you an efficient system to get the maximum benefit from your heat pump.

Service & Repairs

We pride ourselves in delivering the best installation and aftercare service to our customers. This ensures long term efficiency and performance from your renewable heating system.

SPECIALISTS In Heat Pump Installations

Rawlings Renewables are your partners for installing Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps in Hampshire, West Sussex and the surrounding areas. We work with homeowners and builders to find the right solution for your needs.

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MCS Certification

Rawlings Renewables is an MCS registered company specialising in the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of air source and ground source heat pumps. 

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme that is a requirement for a company who wish to commission renewable heating products, such as heat pumps. The Scheme is supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

MCS is a certification program that sets standards for small-scale renewable energy systems and technologies such as heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines, and biomass boilers. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that the products, installers, and installed systems meet the necessary quality and performance standards, making it easier for customers to choose trustworthy and reliable products and installers.

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An air or ground source heat pump have a wide range of benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint to potentially saving you money on your energy bills. Contact us today to discover how a heat pump could benefit your home.

BENEFITS Of A Heat Pump Installation

Renewable Energy

As a renewable energy source, they are a great options for households looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Low Running Costs

A well-designed heat pump system can deliver on-going low running costs.

Eligible For Grants

Heat pumps are eligible for grants of £7,500 through the government run Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Low Maintenance

Heat pumps are a low maintenance system and require simple annual services that Rawlings Renewables can administer.

Certified Installations

All installations are installed to the highest standards by our qualified team and complies with the latest regulations.

Air source heat pump with bungalow

Government Incentive


The Government backed Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers grants to help property owners switch to low carbon heating systems like air and ground source heat pumps.  We can help you apply for a Government grant of £7,500 towards air source and ground source projects.

Rawlings Renewables will advise on your homes eligibility and apply for the grant on your behalf. The grant is deducted from the upfront cost and the scheme is open until 2025 for domestic and small non-domestic properties in England and Wales.

Contact us today to save energy, reduce heating bills, and receive up to a £7,500 grant.

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Reduce Your



Efficiently heat your home all year round even in the winter

OUR PROCESS Starting Your Green Journey

Our team of highly experienced engineers and maintenance experts are committed to providing a hassle-free, reassuring experience for customers looking to make the switch to renewable heating systems. We'll assess your home's suitability for a heat pump and provide an honest assessment of the steps needed to make the switch as smooth and easy as possible.

1. Phone Conversation

An initial phone discussion to understand your needs and explain all about making the switch to heat pumps and answer your questions.

2. Survey

2. 60-minute home survey to assess your property this includes checking the suitability of the house’s current insulation radiators and pipes.

3. Proposal / Questions Answered

You will receive a fully costed proposal which will include, removal and disposal of the old system, installation of the heat pump and any extra required works. At this point we’ll also let you know if your home requires action to benefit from a heat pump.

4. Installation

Scheduling a convenient installation date which will be completed by our expert team.

5. Handover

An installation pack with all relevant documents provided.

6. Aftercare

We are only a phone call away for any further advice on getting familiar with your new system and will continue to offer on going yearly service packages.


Our Air Source Heat Pumps come with a 7-year warranty and an insurance-based guarantee on our workmanship through QANW.


A heat pump can last for 15 years or more, but regular maintenance is necessary. We provide a service plan and reminders for scheduled maintenance, as well as instructions for any self-checks. As our customer, you will be added to our priority list for quick response in case of any breakdown or problem.

We only use quality brands for our installations which is why we recommend Samsung or Stiebel Eltron to give you peace of mind and a warm home.

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CONTACT Our Friendly Team

Please complete the form below for more information about the benefits of renewable energy sources or to book a free home survey to find out the suitability of your property for an installation.

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