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Unlock Heating Efficiency, A Low-Carbon Alternative Of Heating Homes Compared To Gas Boilers.

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Underfloor heating installation

HARNESS NATURAL HEAT from the ground

Ground Source Heat Pumps collect thermal energy from the ground to produce hot water for heating and domestic use. This is done through horizontal loops buried at a depth of 1.2 meters or vertical boreholes with a depth of 80-150 meters. A ground source heat pump system includes a heat pump unit, hot water cylinder, buffer tank, expansion vessels, and ground collector. It is essential to choose the right size heat pump, which requires a room-by-room heat loss assessment, which Rawlings Renewables will carry out. The heating distribution must be able to deliver comfortable room temperatures at low operating temperatures for optimal efficiency.

Ground source heat pumps are more expensive than air source heat pumps, but they are more efficient in the long run. The ground is warmer than the air in winter when space heating is required, making ground source heat pumps more efficient. Additionally, ground source heat pumps have an expected life of 20 years compared to 15 years for air source heat pumps. The ground collector is a significant cost, but it supports multiple generations of heat pumps and has a longer lifespan.

A ground source heat pump uses heat from outside your property. However, the heat pump itself can be installed safely inside the property – in the same way as a traditional boiler. No louder than a kitchen appliance such as a dishwasher, the heat pump is easy to install in an airing cupboard or kitchen cabinet.

A ground source heat pump can often be used to deliver active or passive cooling to any property. This means it can transfer heat in the winter months and be used to cool your property in the summer months!

To make your heating 100% renewable, heat pumps can be powered by onsite solar and wind energy for self-sufficiency.

Contact our experienced team for specialist advice and to discover the potential cost savings.


Ground source heat pumps use electricity to operate, and work in a similar way to a fridge, but in reverse. They extract heat from the ground and use it to warm your home. For every one kilowatt of electricity used they can create up to four kilowatts of heat to warm your radiators and hot water.


When the outside air temperature is below zero, the ground temperature is generally between 6 – 12 degrees all year round.


The ground-loop pushes fluid around its circuit collecting the heat from the soil.


A heat exchanger uses a liquid refrigerant to absorb the heat. The heat from the soil is warm enough to cause the refrigerant to boil and turn to gas. The heat exchanger compresses this gas to create the heat for indoors.


The heat created from compressing the refrigerant are then transferred into your home via a circulation pump.


The heat is then transferred to your central heating system to warm your radiators and underfloor heating. It can easily keep your home at a constant 21 degrees. 


A ground source heat pump generates enough heat to also heat a hot water cylinder supplying plenty of water for baths and showers in a family home.

An air or ground source heat pump have a wide range of benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint to potentially saving you money on your energy bills. Contact us today to discover how a heat pump could benefit your home.

BENEFITS Of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Renewable Energy

As a renewable energy source, they are a great options for households looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Low Running Costs

Deliver a higher energy co-efficiency compared to air pumps resulting in on-going low running costs.

Eligible For Grants

Heat pumps are eligible for grants of £7,500 through the government run Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Low Maintenance

Heat pumps are a low maintenance system and require simple annual services that Rawlings Renewables can administer.

Summer Cooling

Can be used to cool your home in the summer months.

Under Floor Heating

Ground source heat pumps are the perfect companion to compliment underfloor heating installations. 

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